Fitzpatrick Award Recipient

Philip Fitzgerald, President Hotels/ Chief Financial Officer, Northern Vision Development LP and Bruce Munro Wright, Director, Frontier College Board

Northern Vision Development LP (NVD)

The Fitzpatrick Award is the highest recognition we give to an organization. Frontier College formed a partnership with NVD in 2012 through its Second-Century Labourer-Teacher program.

At the Gold Rush Inn (NVD’s premier hotel in Whitehorse), Frontier College has a dedicated literacy tutor on the hotel premises to work one-to-one with employees during their shifts. This is especially important considering many low-income employees work multiple jobs in Whitehorse and would otherwise have no means to attend classes at the more traditional education institutions.

Over 125 employees have successfully received on-the-job skills upgrading and reached significant personal milestones, such as becoming Canadian citizens.

Joyce Matthews Award Recipient

Narinée Halajian

The Joyce Matthews Award is the highest recognition we give to a Frontier College volunteer and is in memory of former Frontier College Board Member, donor, friend, and Reading Circle volunteer, Joyce Matthews, who passed away in 2018.

A newcomer to Canada in 2010, Frontier College was Narinée’s first volunteer-work experience in this country. With much to offer and keen to learn and hone her skills, Narinée helped shape the Organizational Team at Concordia University over several years. Narinée volunteered at the DJ Sports Club Homework Support Program along with a small group of volunteers.

Narinée was pivotal in growing the program and minimizing volunteer turnover. Her story is nothing short of inspiring for every young student who decides to make a difference in their community.

Narinée Halajian, Volunteer Tutor, and Deb Matthews, daughter of Joyce Matthews

Companion Award Recipient

Lynn McDonald

The Companion Award is the highest recognition we give to an individual. An incredible advocate, donor, and friend to Frontier College, Lynn McDonald’s personal support has enabled many learners to seize new opportunities.

Lynn joined the Frontier College Board of Directors in 2008, became the Treasurer in 2009, and led the board as Chair from 2010–2013. She remained on the board until 2014 as Past Chair.

Thank you for your service and support Lynn!

Lynn McDonald with Bruce Munro Wright, Director, Frontier College Board