Message from the Chair

Sharon Mathers

2019 has been a strong year. Our literacy programs reached 40,126 people—more than ever before—and at $10.7 million, we enjoyed a record year for revenue.

We strengthened our partnerships with Indigenous communities to offer free summer literacy camps to over 7,500 children, expanded the reach of our tutoring programs in the West and Far North, and conducted new research on the connection between literacy and poverty.

We strengthened our evaluation processes and are pleased to note that:

  • 86% of parents report their child read more at home after attending a summer camp; and
  • 91% of our program partners state that our adult tutoring programs made a real impact on our learners’ skills.

This year’s results have helped further position Frontier College as a national leader in providing literacy support. I consider it a great privilege to serve as Chair of the Board of Directors, and I want to thank my fellow board members for their expertise in governance and their tireless work and dedication to our cause.

Moreover, I am grateful that our donors continue to show confidence in our work and a belief in the power of literacy to transform lives.

On behalf of the board, thank you to all those who contributed to this successful year; because of your dedication and generosity, many more individuals will fully realize the benefits of literacy.

Sharon Mathers
Chair, Frontier College