Message From the President

Stephen Faul

As I approach my first anniversary as President of Frontier College, I couldn’t be more proud of this organization and its tremendous accomplishments. We have fantastic staff, volunteers, and partners throughout the country, and are fortunate to have connected with so many people and organizations who support our work.

We have lots of data about the people we help—impressive numbers to show how many learners and communities we reach. It’s good we have this information, but for me it’s always the individual stories that are the most meaningful.

I’m fortunate to have visited a number of programs throughout the country and to hear these stories first-hand—you can read some in this report and on our website.

It’s important to note that we pay close attention to the goals of each learner to help them accomplish what’s most important in their lives. For some, the goal is to improve their reading so they can catch up to other students; for others, it’s being able to help their children with homework, or to find a better job; and for a few, it’s giving them the gift of being able to read a bedtime story with their grandkids. Whatever the specific goal, we are honoured to work with learners across Canada—one at a time, we are truly changing lives.

To our existing supporters—thank you for putting your trust in us. To others reading this, please reach out to us. We’d love to start a conversation!

Stephen Faul
President and CEO, Frontier College