Frontier College is, in many ways, a humble organization. However, it’s important for us to take a few moments to celebrate when things are going well—and this has been our best year ever.

For us, success is measured by the number of people who participate in our programs, and we have supported more children, youth, and adults in reaching their literacy goals than ever before. That means more kids are developing a love of reading, more youth are making their way to college, and more adults are seeing new opportunities open up in their careers and lives.

Yes, our focus is literacy, but, ultimately, we are working to support people across Canada as they achieve their goals and dreams. I’d like to offer my sincerest thanks to our volunteers, partners, staff, donors, and everyone who contributes to the success of Frontier College and, more importantly, our learners and participants.

Stephen Faul

Thank you all for helping us change lives through the
power of literacy.

Looking forward to another great year!

Stephen Faul
President and CEO, Frontier College