Program Spotlight

Reaching and teaching everybody

For several years, Frontier College has run a peer tutoring program at Bath Institution, a medium security penal facility in Millhaven, Ontario. Through this program, many of the Bath residents get the opportunity to improve their reading skills, write letters, develop their computer skills, or learn a new language.

Recently, a group of the peer tutors decided, along with the Bath school principal, that they wanted to develop and deliver a leadership program. Marsha Rampersaud, a Frontier College volunteer tutor, provided support and guidance to the group as they developed their own Leadership Development Training Program. The group set the mission of this program, which is, “to awaken and foster existing leadership skills within the community by supporting employability and mentoring of our peers.”

"I have been a peer tutor for five years. I have enjoyed being able to help fellow inmates with school courses and any other issues that might come up. Frontier College at Bath Institution provides a valuable service to all inmates."


"The men on this team are already leaders who recognize the potential of this course to bring focus and legitimacy to ideas like “inmate leadership” and “peer mentorship” within the institution and beyond. It has been an incredible journey seeing them bring this idea to life by developing the content for this course, and now taking ownership of delivering the course to their peers. They are a living embodiment of reaching and teaching every individual! I am so proud of the work they have produced!"