Southwestern Ontario

Growing Opportunities for Migrant Workers

In Southwestern Ontario, during the growing and harvest seasons, we provide literacy and basic skill instruction to seasonal agricultural workers from Central America and the Caribbean. The majority of the workers do not speak English, and often feel isolated while working long hours so that they can financially support their families at home.

This year, our literacy outreach instructors provided classes to 200 workers on evenings and weekends at farms, greenhouses, churches, and libraries. They cover topics including health and safety in the workplace, communicating with your employer, and daily tasks including grocery shopping and going to the library. Everybody benefits from this support: the employer, the worker, and the community.

I am learning English because I like to speak English. These classes have helped me at work and in the stores. I like English class because it’s makes it easier to communicate. It is important for me to learn English because it makes it easier to communicate with Canadian people.

Juan Carlos, Learner, Leamington, Ontario