Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Literacy-Boosting Power of Comic Books

Books have super powers, just ask the children involved in our Comic Book Clubs.

In Saskatchewan, in collaboration with W.P. Bate Community School, Westmount Community School, St. Mary’s Education & Wellness Centre, and Saskatoon Friendship Inn, we run a Comic Book Club for children ages 7 to 12. Comic Book Club combines imagination, creativity, learning, and reading and writing skills in a collaborative social environment.

Comic books and graphic novels have long been fun and beneficial tools to get kids reading particularly for reluctant readers and for second-language learners. At Comic Book Club, the kids don’t just read them, they also create their own comics. Our volunteers empower children to create their own narrative, starting from simple drawing techniques to understanding the differences between word and thought balloons, visualizing stories, and storytelling.

One learner made me a card. I opened it and it said, ‘Thank you for helping me drawing and understand.’ She was talking about writing and creating a story. Comic Book Club is not only about creating narrative, it’s also about understanding it.

Volunteer, St. Mary’s Education & Wellness Centre

Bringing stories to life allows anyone to shine. That’s the brilliance of Frontier College’s Comic Book Club. It allows even the quietest of children to pick up a pencil or crayon and express themselves.

Volunteer, Saskatoon Friendship Inn