Halifax, Nova Scotia

Power Hour After-School Program

Power Hour is a popular after-school program for kids aged 5–12 at the George Dixon Community Centre in North Halifax. Thanks to the great working partnership we have with David Magloir, Recreation Coordinator at the Centre, Power Hour has been running for over 10 years.

The Hour is dedicated to reinforcing the reading and numeracy skills that are being learned in the classroom. There are benefits to this focused approach to literacy: learners have more opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers and tutors, and tutors have a chance to learn more about what learners may need for their academic development. It is in the moments of progress, that the power of literacy takes hold. It can be life changing for everyone involved.

I will forever remember the day my reading buddy breezed into the classroom and helped change how I felt about reading and about myself. Having an inherently cool 6th grader tell me ‘great job’ when I finished reading a challenging passage aloud left a great impression upon me. It helped me to see how to build confidence in the classroom. The benefits of confidence in the classroom are far-reaching and can’t simply be measured by school grades. It is empowering!

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