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St. Andrew's Community Centre

Photo credit: John Rosborough

For two years, Milena Khazanavicius has been a volunteer tutor at the popular after-school Homework Club at St. Andrew’s Community Centre in Halifax. Filling three classrooms, kids of all ages—many of whom are new Canadians—work with her and other tutors on their spelling tests, reading, and math problems. Having encountered her own challenges, Milena who is blind, strongly believes in the importance of accessible learning. She has been a powerful motivator for several learners, including 13-year-old Amir who works with Milena on areas he is struggling with—spelling tests and mastering multiplication tables.

Reading is really important and that is why I am here with Frontier College—to help some of the learners who are here and they are struggling. Even if they can read a simple word as bug or hug, you can see their eyes light up and say ‘Ah, I got it’. It’s just beautiful.

Milena Khazanavicius