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My Six Podcast

Godfrey and tutor Phyllis Miller develop a personalized “graffiti wall” to brainstorm and develop his podcast.

There are so many stories about the unique challenges our learners face every day—and even more about the opportunity that literacy creates.

This year in our Toronto Beat the Street program, we introduced a podcast program called My Six. Meeting weekly with their tutor, learners created and recorded their own podcast. Godfrey Nyero, a child soldier from Uganda who arrived in Toronto with the Uganda National Cricket Team, created a very personal podcast about survival and perseverance. As he explains in his podcast, Kadogo,

I am still on my way to achieving my dreams, but they are achievable here in Canada.

The program gave learners an opportunity to improve their confidence in writing and narrating their personal story, and to practice interview skills with others in their class and community.

Godfrey Nyero and My Six have been featured on CBC Radio’s Here and Now. Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud.