Burnaby, British Columbia

Helping Newcomers to Canada

A Frontier College volunteer of two-and-a-half years, Joan teaches English to women of all ages in the African Women’s Group in Burnaby, British Columbia. Having worked in the English language teaching field for more than 25 years, and occasionally working overseas, Joan wanted to give back by helping newcomers to her country. She supports women wanting to learn written and spoken vocabulary, and uses real-world examples to assist with their everyday living needs.

Joan Quick is empowering women through the English language.

Joan’s passion is admired by our community program partner.

“We acknowledge Joan for being the best volunteer ever! Joan is an amazing woman; she is kind, easy going and patient. She is so generous with her time and very skilled teaching newcomer women. The women love Joan because the way she teaches them and the way she presents herself to the women. They find her creative and hardworking because they notice she tries many techniques to make it easy for them,” says Saba Tadesse-Lee, Program Coordinator at the Multicultural Family Centre.

The women come from different countries in Africa and have become friends—with English as their common language. I like that we can laugh together and they have become more confident about using English. I look forward to the time I spend with these women and am inspired by their enthusiasm and courage in moving ahead with life in their new home.

Joan Quick, Volunteer, British Columbia